“Some recommendations go on and on extolling the minutest virtues of a person, from her handwriting to her punctuality. Others are concise to the point of leaving out most of the important information. I’ll try to hit the in-between: concise and thorough. But Jane Trachet is difficult to recommend in just a few words. The fact that when we first met she was responsible for overseeing international creative work for a Fortune 500 company, should bear testimony to her capabilities. Then we worked together again. And again. In different continents. A responsibility not entrusted to just anyone. At the time I was surprised that someone so young could present so well and lead meetings with so much aplomb. At one time, she even had to step up to plate as agency producer. She was amazing. Just as committed to the synergy of the process (agency, client, talent, etc.) as she was to the entire campaign.

Jane is an artist. She has the soul of an artist and the talent of an artist. But you’d expect a Senior advertising person to be talented. What separates her from thousands of other advertising ‘artists’ is that instead of creating problems, as some of her colleagues do, Jane is a great strategic problem-solver. Her brain is wired towards practicalities and solutions. Talent and brains that’s a pretty awesome combination. Many creatives from the traditional ad world feel that they can either pursue their ideas or succumb to client demands; there’s no middle ground. In contrast, Jane has always amazed not only myself, the director, but the whole production team with contributions that don’t stop at satisfying client’s requests but go on to further the creative content as well.

People are born leaders or not. Jane's ideas usually lead, because they come from a smart place. They’re simply obvious. I meant to write a concise recommendation, and I think I failed. Jane will probably be annoyed because it took you too long to read this. Sorry. But work with Jane and then try recommending her in fewer words.”

Director, Velocity Films

"Jane was my art director on several accounts ranging from OTC, packaged goods to food. In addition to being a gifted art director, she involved herself in the business and strategic aspects of the accounts we worked on."

Pablo Hernandez
Account Supervisor, JWT
Group Account Director, Adrenaline - A Havas Company

"Jane Trachet is an exceptionally talented creative force. Jane has proven her dedication to Film Biz Recycling and fully understands the core values of what we aim to accomplish: diverting and redirecting materials from the film industry away from landfills and into the hands of local charities.

Developing our first ever mission statement and a clear path for strategic marketing and outreach, Jane introduced FBR to 360-degree Marketing. Jane initiated, conceived, and executed our entire brand identity. Down to the smallest detail, Jane has been a wonder to behold as she molded the brand and message through all communication streams. Designing, coding, creating content, and maintaining our website, (with no support or budget) was not even close to what she was hired to do, but being that it was important to Jane, she did it which is indicative of her unwavering work ethic. Jane’s creative direction and marketing prowess, coupled with her profound understanding of effective social media launched an abundance of press enquiries, media opportunities, as well as the attention of local politicians.

There is no question that Jane possesses many, many strengths that will take her anywhere she wants to go."

Eva Radke
Founder & President, Film Biz Recycling

“Jane just gets it. From concept to final product, she is creative, diligent, fast and a good communicator. From popping out a simple design to conceptualizing the most grand of ideas, I always value having Jane as a part of my team. I look forward to making the world a more artful place with Jane as my guide.

I partnered with Jane Trachet for an event in December of 2012 when our respective companies co-produced a fundraising event that benefited Jane's company. The highly successful event, which incorporated a live auction, pre-event media and PR was both a branding and conversion success and do in large part to Jane's creativity, tireless enthusiasm, dedication, and ability to conceptualize and complete tasks from small to large. With 6 months of lead time, I got the chance to work closely with Jane and would highly recommend her based on her strength in originality, savviness and ability to get the job done."

Jessica Sagert Blackman
Community Manager at krrb.com

"Jane is one of the most hardcore people I know... As one of our fiercest competitors in the Brooklyn Fishing Derby she has set the standard for dedication. Jane does not represent the female members of the derby... She represents the derby and has raised the bar for the anyone who takes fishing and competition seriously. I would even go so far as to say Jane is the person to beat when it comes to passion and dedication and consistency. Our derby would not be the same without her. Jane is also an artistic inspiration who can not put her artistic juices to sleep. No matter what it is...taking a picture, outfitting her Solex, or going fishing. Everything she does has an artistic and visual component thought about, obsessed over, and executed. She is a key member to any artistic endeavor or any project she truly believes in."

Ben Sargent
Founder of BKUAA

"Jane is a highly creative thinker who is able to channel her ideas to meet the needs of a client/brand, without sacrificing creative edge. We worked together on consumer healthcare brands, and she was able to come up with out-of-the-box "big ideas" and present them to clients in a thoughtful and convincing manner, demonstrating how they mapped back to strategic imperatives and helped solved brand challenges. I went on several shoots outside of the country with Jane, and she was excellent in working with clients, listening to them and helping them feel comfortable on set. She can work creatively in the confines of a conservative brand, but also would flourish with a truly creatively ambitious brand.”

Alison Hillhouse
Account Manager, JWT
Sr. Director, Insights, MTV

“Jane is a gifted designer and conceptualizer. She has a unique graphic style and has done some amazing work at JWT.”

Mark Kelly
Creative Director, Senior Partner, JWT

“Jane has been an amazing help over the years I've known her. I have been delighted numerous times by the work both in art direction and execution of a project. I HIGHLY recommend her.”

Rex Gibson
Founder & President, Rex Records

“Working with Jane has always been effortless. She conveys her ideas clearly and is a creative thinker, fun to work with.”

Henry Martinez
President, Giant Squid Studio Inc.

“Jane is a truly creative thinker. I've drawn lots of storyboards, and Jane's ideas are always the most imaginative...”

Bobby Timony
Art Director, JWT

“Having collaborated with Jane Trachet on a range of projects over the years, I wanted to comment on the formidable force of her creativity and power of her ideas. With a rare talent for communicating cogent messages visually, she avails herself of so many tools -- traditonal and non traditional -- to realize her vision. It's an honor to work with a mind, spirit and talent as hers.”

Blythe Liebgott
Language Consultant, The British School and Rennert Bilingual